Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing embodies the shape of the rising sun and symbolises harmony, unity and infinity. The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing offers 302 guestrooms and suites with magnificent views of Yanqi Lake, mountains and greenery, seven restaurants and bars, meeting facilities, Kempinski The Spa, and recreational facilities, fitness center with an indoor swimming pool, Kids Club, as well as outdoor activities.
Yanqi Lake is a beautiful scenic site located at the foot of Yan Mountains, eight kilometres north of Huairou County. Spanning 65.78 hectares, Yanqi Lake is surrounded by a variety of trees including pine, poplar and willow. The island is also a natural habitat for various species, including rare migrant birds and geese, especially during spring and autumn. The name, Yanqi Lake literally translates as ‘Swans Dwell on the Lake’.Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing offers 306 guestrooms and suites with magnificent views of Yanqi Lake, mountains and greenery, nine restaurants and bars, meeting facilities, spa and recreational facilities, fitness centre with an indoor swimming pool and a Kids Club.
In addition, the complex has a total of 14,069 square metres of meeting space, including the 8,277-square-metre Beijing Yanqi Lake International Conference Centre, which offers the largest comprehensive and high-tech meeting facilities in mainland China amongst international-brand MICE resorts.


The Kempinski name is proudly borne by a growing collection of distinguished properties around the world. As Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, we are committed to providing our guests with memorable journeys inspired by exquisite European flair. We believe life should be lived with style.
Since 1897, our employees have been a part of creating history around the world. From historic buildings to the most avant-garde of modern architecture, our properties are the setting for some of life’s greatest moments. We’ve witnessed historic meetings between world leaders, celebrities taking sanctuary in the world of privacy we create for them, and created incredible memories for guests on a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ journey.
We are wholeheartedly committed to providing perfection for our guests at every moment and in every way. Perhaps it’s something as life-changing as a wedding celebration, where our attention to detail and perfect service mean that your special day goes without a hitch. Or perhaps it’s as simple as the note left on your pillow at night, which thoughtfully lets you know the weather tomorrow so you know how to dress in the morning. At Kempinski, we are each personally responsible for creating rich and meaningful experiences for our guests.


  • 会员4538:1、吃饭选择多。早餐很丰富。午餐和晚餐也吃了自助,略贵,三百多一人,但也很丰富,孩子爱吃,6岁以上孩子半价。甜品很多,有不少德国特色:柏林包、德国黄油面包。没有尝试普拉纳啤酒坊和其他中餐厅。2、服务整体不错。没有遇到一些点评中提到的情况,办入住的是Jessie Yang,当时是中午,仍然给我们先办了一间,超级飞侠亲子房还没有收拾出来,下午两点时拿到房间。3、房间面积大。超级飞侠亲子房是套间,普通双床房也面积不小;超级飞侠亲子房有帐篷、滑梯、小桌子等,床上也是超级飞侠布置,浴袍、洗漱用具都有飞侠版,拖鞋也有小拖鞋,美中不足的是,最好多准备一套浴袍和一双儿童拖鞋,毕竟现在二胎家庭多了。矿泉水用完后,打电话送来三瓶,还不错。4、周边。停车可停地上和地下。玩的项目有租自行车,环雁栖湖骑行一段,建议自行车可多备几辆青少年自行车(20寸-24寸)。晚上房间看到湖景,很美。如果有时间,应该多住几晚。5、很亲子。亲子房、儿童中心,孩子都很喜欢,儿童中心滑梯是3-6岁孩子滑,负责的一位大姐态度很好,提醒孩子超过6岁就不滑滑梯了,旁边有大孩子玩的乐高和粘土。
  • 会员6331:怀柔亲子首选!除了小贵没毛病……很久以前就种草这家酒店了,老婆生日,忍着端午涨价订了房。之前朋友推荐一定要订湖景房,没毛病!按导航顺着高速路直达酒店,环境超赞,旁边是雁栖湖大坝,夜景超美。大堂服务不错,等候时间不长,知道过生日还给升级了房型。小提示,两侧电梯对应不同的房间号,两边不通,提前问好。房间很漂亮,景色宜人,浴缸很爽,双床可以拼在一起,带娃比大床舒服。晚餐在二十一层的景观餐厅吃的,中餐品种较少,价格偏贵。早餐很棒,中西结合,就是人比较多,到点就撤,所以早点去。因为带娃,所以没去酒吧,据说还不错,跟燕莎凯宾斯基有一拼。晚上在大坝上溜溜孩子赏赏景,身心愉悦。唯一不足是房间门太次,还有缝隙,不够五星级标准,不过良好的服务弥补了缺陷。点赞,有机会还要去!
  • 会员9250:酒店的早餐挺好的,我们定的亲子儿童房,房间品质太差,吐槽一下那个窗帘。拉不严实,早晨五点房间就很亮了,休息不好
  • 会员6005:独自带孩子出游,酒店的服务还是很贴心的,尤其是前台的Clara,因为我对于房子的要求连着带我看了三间真的是没有半点怨言. 真的非常感谢??


Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing

  • Address :  18 Jia, Yanshui Road, Yanqi Lake, Huairou District, Beijing, China

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Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing reserve:020-86009099 (CouponCode:12468) Busy or no answer, online booking please!
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Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing address: 18 Jia, Yanshui Road, Yanqi Lake, Huairou District, Beijing, China

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